Primary and Middle School

Take your class for a deep dive into a variety of topics by booking our onsite education programme.

The programme covers a range of topics suitable for Years 1-10 (5-15 yrs) that sit under the umbrella of the nature of science and living world syllabus. 

Tiritiri Matangi’s bush classroom gives high school students the chance to understand ecological processes, the impact of humans on our environment and learn about New Zealand’s unique ecology and biodiversity. 

Woven through this educational experience, will be an understanding of the interconnectedness of humans and nature, as exemplified through the Māori world view, “Ko au te whenua, ko te whenua ko au”, “I am the land, the land is me”.  Mana whenua tribes will be acknowledged and esteemed.

Programmes offered on Tiritiri support teachers to meet the criteria from the New Zealand Science Curriculum 

Any focus is covered from the Nature of Science and Living World strands along with the following subjects:

  • Art
  • Creative writing          
  • Geography
  • History
  • Journalism
  • Outdoor education 
  • Photography
  • Sustainability
  • Science – ecology
  • Technology 
  • Weather 

Teachers can choose from a number of onsite educational programmes or self-guided options

Self-guided tours

The Tiritiri self-learning Kiwi Ranger Programme – recommended for small groups of 5 to 10

Education Programmes

  • Lighthouse technology worksheet with after lunch talk/tour by lighthouse specialist 
  • Weather focus worksheet (Planet Earth and Beyond) with educator follow-up
  • Two choices of scavenger hunt worksheet with a teacher schedule and an after lunch activity  
  • Round robin of activities after lunch at the Visitors Centre (groups of 30 students or under)
  • Y9/10 Ecology worksheet with a brief talk/presentation by the educator 
  • A brief interactive talk by the educator on: 
  1. The Rat Story – follow up powerpoint sent to TIC after the Tiri trip 


  1. Three sustainability goals: 
  2. changing behaviour as regards the use of and the disposing of plastic
  3. everyone can be doing something for the environment ie volunteer
  4. the moving towards an invader free NZ.

Note: for copies of mentioned worksheets contact the educator on

If you are interested in booking our educational programme, please email -


Please include your name of the school or educational organisation, your name, group size (groups typically cannot exceed 70 students), age range, focus for the trip and any special requests.

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