From time to time the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi produce or commission reports on aspects of the island's ecology, and on other issues that affect the management of the island.

Some of these are the result of obligatory surveys carried out to gauge the success of translocations; some are the results of research recommended in the Tiritiri Matangi Island Biodiversity Plan 2013; some are the product of long-term monitoring projects. Independent researchers whose work on the island is supported by SoTM also report on the results of their work.

There are also copies of reports presented at our Annual General Meetings.

Whatever their origins, these documents add up to a comprehensive body of information which forms a basis for management of the island, which can be useful to researchers wishing to conduct fieldwork there, and which might be of interest to members of the public wishing to know more about Tiritiri Matangi.

Hihi/stitchbird reports

Kākāriki/red crowned parakeet reports

Kororā/little penguin nestbox surveys

Transect surveys

Skink summary reports

Gecko surveys