We have a large team of volunteers who help out with everything from field-work to guiding. From regular working bees to part-time positions, there are a number of volunteering opportunities for members of the Supporters.


One of our most popular volunteer opportunities is guiding. Guides must undertake at least six buddy training sessions before they become a fully-fledged guide. Although this position is well suited to someone with experience in the conservation field, passionate volunteers with reasonable fitness levels are most welcome to sign up, as full training, ongoing support and development is provided.


Shop Assistants

We are always keen to have additional help in our lovely gift shop. Volunteers work shifts from 11am – 2pm and undertake a variety of tasks from stock-taking to customer service. 


General Volunteer Opportunities

The degree of knowledge and fitness required is variable.  You may be working alone or as part of a team, and the tasks may be one-off, project orientated or ongoing such as pruning and weed monitoring.  Where applicable, DOC can provide training, e.g. in pruning and safe spraying techniques.

Keeping an island like Tiritiri in good shape requires a lot of work and, from time to time, we need additional help. Some of the types of tasks we may need help with are:

  • pruning vegetation on tracks to DOC standards
  • brush cutting and mowing
  • track maintenance and repair work
  • weed spraying
  • weed surveying and monitoring
  • construction and carpentry (e.g. making nesting boxes or small structures to plan)
  • spring cleaning the bunkhouse

If you have other skills, experience or talents you would like to offer on a voluntary basis please send your name, address and contact details to our secretary:


or write to:

Secretary, Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi,
P O Box 90-814,
Victoria Street West,
Auckland 1142

Supporters Working Weekends

Working Weekends are a wonderful way to help out, get to know the island better and be part of what is happening on Tiritiri Matangi.

Hosted by some of our most experienced guides, there are a number of activities held throughout the weekend, including a night walk and a dawn chorus outing.

Many of the working weekenders are regulars, who love the sense of contributing to the island and enjoy the camaraderie in the bunkhouse at the end of the day.

Supporters, families and also your friends (if they are happy to join the Supporters) are all welcome. All enquiries and bookings for working weekends can be made through the Guiding Manager by emailing shop@tiritirimatangi.org.nz, phone 09 476 0010.

There are also a number of volunteering opportunities on the island offered by the Department of Conservation

Pest Monitoring 2 Day Programme

Dotted around the island are a series of tracking tunnels that are checked on a regular basis by volunteers to ensure there are no unwanted pests. 

A tracking tunnel is essentially a plastic tube with a white piece of paper across the bottom, a piece of bait – typically peanut butter – and an ink-pad in the middle, so that any creature that passes through will leave its footprints. 

It not only allows staff to keep an eye on any unwanted visitors, it also provides information about birds, skinks, reptiles and invertebrates in the area. In fact in 2004, one common gecko with a penchant for peanut butter alerted staff to the fact that a population existed on the island. 

Typically it takes two people to check and re-bait the 75 tunnels over two days. 

The Department of Conservation will provide ferry transport and bunkhouse accommodation on the island. You must supply your own food.

To take part in this programme, email tiritirimatangi@doc.govt.nz to register your interest. 

General Maintenance 7 Day Programme

If you are interested in helping out the rangers on the island, you can join the team for a volunteer programme with the Department of Conservation. The role involves carrying out general maintenance tasks which include: 

  • Track maintenance – clearing tracks and accessways. 
  • Weeding. 
  • Cleaning – this includes cleaning the water troughs, bunkhouse and the visitor centre. 
  • General maintenance tasks such as painting. 
  • Replenishing sugar water supplies, between March and October.  

You need to have a medium fitness level to be considered for this position. The Department of Conservation will provide ferry transport and bunkhouse accommodation on the island. You must supply your own food.